Terms & Conditions.

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1. A 3-week trial should be used for consecutive weeks, wherever possible, and where not possible, this should be arranged in advance. This is so that your

child has the best possible experience and chance to settle in the class and to give you a good block of learning to assess whether the classes are right for


2. Fees are payable by the term and are due by the first week of term, unless you have arranged to pay the weekly fee. The weekly fee option will not be

available should the class be full and there is a waiting list. Invoices will be sent per term to indicate the number of weeks, the dates of classes and the

amount requested.

3. If twins attend the same class, there will a 20% reduction on the fees for the second twin.

4. Siblings may attend classes that are not their own age group as long as they are well behaved and do not disrupt the class. Flutterby Music encourages

parents to enrol the sibling in their own age-appropriate class in addition (as activities will not be planned for the sibling’s age and we will not necessarily

have time for the sibling to take part in turn taking activities).

5. If classes are missed, through illness or any other reason, a refund will not be issued unless a doctor’s certificate is presented. In the event that Flutterby

Music needs to cancel a class, a credit will be given on the next term’s invoice.

6. If you should wish to discontinue classes, a month’s notice is required. Flutterby Music reserves the right to invoice in lieu of notice given. Any remaining

classes already paid for after the notice period will be refunded.

7. By enrolling you are agreeing to assume responsibility for the safety of your child at class. Although we try our best to provide a safe environment, we do

not assume liability for the health and safety of you or your family. Children are likely to be attracted to some of our instruments, toys and props which

may contain small parts. Please be aware that we do not recommend allowing your child to put toys or instruments into his/her mouth.

8. A parent/carer will attend with the child for the Caterpillars, Chrysalises and Red Butterflies age groups, and with older children where requested. The

parent/carer is expected to participate in the class. Children do not have to actively participate but should be encouraged to listen and observe and join in

when they feel ready.

9. If children are attending a class that is advertised as being independent of the parent/carer (usually 3+years), the parent/carer will remain on the premises

(there will be seating provided), and take responsibility for the child.

10. Parents/carers will encourage their child to adopt appropriate behaviour when taking part in a class, so as not disrupt other children and adults in the

session. Flutterby Music does understand that babies and children may cry or find some activities, particularly sharing of toys/props difficult, and the

session will carry on regardless of any emotional or other outbursts. Please manage the situation as you feel fit as a parent, including removing the child

from the room for a brief time if you feel necessary. However, if the behaviour of you or your child is deemed as unacceptable by us, you may be asked to leave. A refund for classes not attended will be given in these circumstances.

You will be notified of any changes to terms and conditions should they occur

Flutterby Music Code of Conduct:

Flutterby Music has adopted the Music Education Code of Practice and will abide by this at all times (available on request). In particular Flutterby Music will:

Be well prepared and organised

• Work effectively and have appropriate specialist knowledge and skills

• Plan effectively to ensure the success of activity for the participants

• Adopt the appropriate attitude, behaviour and dress code

• Manage time effectively starting and finishing as agreed

• Keep up to date with all relevant paperwork

• Charge appropriately for services

Be safe and responsible

• Take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of everyone in sessions, especially children

• Ensure that activity is adequately insured

• Ensure risk assessments are carried out and manage risks accordingly

• Understand procedures and policies for child protection, equal opportunities, behaviour management, data protection

• Have a CRB/DBS disclosure and child protection policy in place (available on request)

Have appropriate musical skills

Ensure that the level of skill, knowledge and understanding is sufficient to undertake the work

Work well with people

• Value all participants and treat them with respect

• Be sensitive and responsive to individual and group dynamics

• Be friendly, approachable and professional

Evaluate and reflect on work

Reflect on each and every session and continually strive to improve practice