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After School 3-5 years

Yellow Butterflies: Reception age children &
year 1 children new to Colourstrings

Yellow Butterflies start to link the Singing Rascals songs to the musical concepts we have previously explored, as well as starting to understand rhythm and pitch. They begin to translate the rhythm of the songs into ‘bear language’ which then moves them towards reading musical notation. They also start to translate the pitches within the songs with the help of Solfa Sam, learning the pitches through solfa (Do, Re, Mi) and handsigns. This class is lots of fun, with musical games, exploration of percussion instruments, clapping songs and dances.

It is strongly recommended that any children new to Colourstrings starting this class purchase the Pentatonic book and CD (these can be ordered by Flutterby Music). Progression depends on the children knowing the songs well.

Mondays 4.00pm - 4.40pm

Woodlands Arts Centre

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Caterpillars: babies/pre-walkers

Chyrsalises: walkers - 2 years

Red Butterflies: 2-3 years

Orange Butterflies: reception

Green Butterflies: yr1/yr2

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