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Are you in school years 3-6?

Are you learning a musical instrument, or want to start?

Do you enjoy playing games and using your voice?

Then music FUNdamentals is for you!

Classes will initially concentrate on building a firm sense of pulse, rhythm and pitch. Even if you’ve been having instrumental lessons for a while, these are key musical skills that could probably still do with some development!

We will do this by using spoken rhymes, simple songs and lots and lots of games. We will be developing your musical memory and ‘tuning in’ your inner ear. We will take turns being the leader of the song or game which will increase your musical confidence as well as your general confidence! We will practice being able to tell the difference between pulse and rhythm and ensure that our sense of both is really secure. All this will start to help you in your instrumental lessons by imbedding these key skills and allowing your brain room to think about other things! Clapping games, ball games, and dance formations will help develop good co-ordination (which is vital for playing an instrument), and we will have lots of fun and make new friends.

As the group becomes more experienced we will introduce the Kodaly tool-kit of rhythm names and solfa names for pitch. This will really help in all-round aural skills, theory, understanding pitch relationships, reading notation, help develop your understanding of scales, intervals and harmony, and help you have the ability to write down the music that you hear.

a fun class to unlock the secrets of music

Music FUNdamentals is currently not running.

Contact rachel@flutterbymusic.co.uk for more information on future dates

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