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Chrysalises: walkers-2 years

At this age we aim to expose the children to as many different musical experiences as possible.  We explore counting songs and rhymes, action songs, respond to music physically with our bodies, scarves and teddies, start moving (with help!) at different speeds, and enjoy being rocked, bounced, and swung. The children develop favourite songs, try out a variety of percussion instruments and meet Daddy, Mummy and Baby Bear in MusicLand. The structure of the class helps keep things familiar and secure as well as giving a sense of discipline and routine.

Mondays: 9.30am - 10.00am Woodlands Arts Centre

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Caterpillars: babies/pre-walkers

Red Butterflies: 2-3 yrs

Orange Butterflies: 3-4 yrs

Yellow Butterflies: reception

Green Butterflies: yr 1/yr 2

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